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Description: Jayden Doing What She Does Best. Would you like some coffee? When they say don't judge a book by its cover they are right as the best sex I have had hasn't always come from the sexy ladies. He was hers and only hers. Yet still she's enticed over Jill's suggestion of getting a black cock. So she said since you're all lubed up, maybe you should fuck me in the ass. Something exotic. We all sat down and Molly spoke. My ass stinging, I sauntered out of the door. Couldn't they at least wait until I was out of bed? My mouth drops open as my eyes drift further down her body where her lacy black bra holds up two marvellous globes, probably 34C breasts. Our only fear would be if we ran into any of our present neighbors. I didn't see Jake's cock but from the moment he penetrated me, I knew he was big. We weren't in our sleeping positions more than a couple of minutes and spooning as close as we could get when my cock started another rise to the occasion. She responded by taking my now rock hard cock into her warm, wet mouth.