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Description: Ariel Cassadine Blowjob. Our wives, who were sitting across from us, started the show by hiking up the hems of their dresses a little higher than would be respectable giving us each a clear view of their sheer nylon covered thighs. She straightens up, turns around and wraps her arms around my neck. I kept licking and sucking both of them and they both started to thrust as one into my mouth. Leaning towards her he kissed her on the mouth. Kathy reluctantly agreed to do as mom said. Suddenly her groans were stifled by her mouth filling with another cock. Licked clean, the man picked her up from the floor, dusted her down and handed her her clothes, perfectly looked after. Within minutes we're in front of a huge building and he licks his fingers clean before guiding me to a private elevator that he explains goes directly his floor and subsequently his office.
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