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Duration: 04:20 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Hard Fack-Vidal. Kaylee took her nap, and Kaden wanted to see the two of you, Without warning, he lost his load. Or have you just lost your mind? She seemed to be confident in her facts but I couldn't let it pass. He looked around for the last time with mortal eyes and saw Chelinde and Caelia now wrapped in soldier's cloaks, and each staring at him with pity on their faces. She thanked us for the most exciting experience she had ever had, but complained that her panties were soaked and that stuff was running down her legs. He was now standing directly in front of missy staring down at her with his hands on his hips. We soon had the tub filled over the jets and she was slipping into it trying to keep her hair dry. Because of this I suggested the pink one as I figured if this was a fantasy she wanted to live out then I wanted it to be as easy on me as possible.
Models: Nacho Vidal