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Duration: 04:20 Submitted: 11 months ago
Description: Hard Fack-Vidal. I grab a towel and wipe myself off and head to the shower. But first I want you to close your eyes because you know. It felt amazing and I didn't want it to end. The wet suction noise of his cock going in and our of her mouth. Call me a slut all you want. You are mine tonight and I am yours. You make me laugh. You only found out about each other recently? Is pressed against the fenceHe tugs on my hairI feel my pussy tightening upAhhhhhh yesssMy body starts to spasm My hand slaps flat against the fence and then clench itMy legs go weakI then feel him shoot. At long last you decide to let me cum. So I let just my tip inside, then out again so I rested right at the opening, and then pressed back inside just a little bit. That is when reality set in. I asked her to dance with me and we moved to the centre of the dance floor, holding each other closely.
Models: Nacho Vidal