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Description: High Desert Ho's - Scene 2. Between the flashing lights and machine-generated fog, most of the bodies around him are mere silhouettes. I interrupted, brashly, But what if you and all your men actually enjoyed spilling your cum onto my ass, breeding me and watching it all ooze out of me, pushing your seeds further and deeper into me with each eager thrust from the line of cocks you've assembled. Nice to finally meet you. The cool thing is we would have befriend this couple even if our meeting wasn't all about our mutual interest in nylons and pantyhose. Suzie's long legs were very inviting to look at, more so for the boys however Tristan was attracted to them. I reach over and grasp it in my right hand. I said I was not fully sure what he meant, he said that my main role was to check on the employees, but there would be occasions when I may have to meet potential clients and dressed like I was would probably.