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Description: Riley Reid Compilation/mashup. With my eyes fixed on her plump ass I followed her down the hall to her bedroom. I did what I could to make myself presentable before returning to the living room. She said she had but didn't really care for it. James chuckled and with a final kiss and squeeze of my flaccid cock they were out the door. Yes, I did, came a soft voice. I used my hand to keep her head down there as she started sucking, but I didn't do it for long. Well if you'll take over for us we should be getting back to work. Crystal came with us back upstairs and we picked up our drinks that we had forgotten. So she pissed and was so embarassed, that she even farted. You're a handsome guy, Jim, and you're funny and witty! I wanted inside me. I love you Son, she said once again, her lovely face dripping with my cum.
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