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Description: Irritable Bowel Syndrome 3 - Scene 4. Other than the physical attraction, there is something inside you that has touched something inside me. I DIDNT KNWO YOU WORE THESE* I blushed and grabbed it from him quickly.* you do* i smiled and laughed* I bet it looks damn good on you too* he smiled.It was then.i noticed he had a slight buldge. It was comfortable being there with her. I had the head of my cock just waiting to get back in her as I positioned it in front of her pussy lips. She let off more moans of pleasure. I drank the first vodka as I watched, and moved closer to the action. Porno magazines, very well thumbed magazines, and when I opened the pages I found out that the mattresses weren't the only things in the ice house which had had bodily fluids spilt on them.