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Description: Irritable Bowel Syndrome 3 - Scene 4. Good, because Grandpa, Uncle Jim and myself have planned a wonderful affair for you this evening and I didn't want anything to hender our plans, Daddy stated. She departs, going back into the adjacent room. After exhaling loud sighs we all stayed asleep as exhausted as we were. As Mark jumped up from the seat and zipped himself back up and said in a panicked voice Yeah, give me a minute From behind the partially open door Lisa heard Oh sorry and the old lady closed the door allowing Lisa to get to her feet. The cold viscous liquid drips down Tiffy's burning asshole, around B-Dawg's throbbing cock, over her hot cunt, down her sweaty thighs and all over the couch. What kept you bitch, tear em off. I asked where he was and it turned out he was only a few miles away.