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Description: Asian Slits 02 - Scene 2. Tim and I both looked in wonder at the display before us. I smiled and acknowledged by laying my head back on the pillow. She was bubbling, so cute I couldn't stand it. Gamma was the last one to get his turn with our star turn, so he goes first with you. She smiled once again and curled herself up next to me. Manoj and Braj exchanged glances and Braj said Well, that will have to wait till tomorrow night when we induct you into our gang, with a bang! When the officer returned, I was a heaving wrecked broken woman, covered in sweat and blathering incoherently in between screams. I heard him talking on the phone. Mmhmm looking me in the eyes and nodding. His phone rang, so he pressed the speaker button, 'Dom speaking.''Dom your 8am is here' purred Josie the receptionist. Just thinking about that made my cock start to stiffen. Shhhhhh Breaunna. I stroked her absently, touching her as I stared down between her legs.