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Description: Tori Gets Cum All Over These Two Cocks. I grabbed th back of her head, and pulled her hair forcing her lips to my chest. And I want you to know that you can do that to me any time you want. About ten minutes latter she entered the kitchen wearing her pink bathrobe and carrying the first aid kit. The girl I was dancing with ran up and hugged her friend, nearly spilling the drink on her best friend's legs. Her perfect breasts jiggle as they are released from the fabric. B-Dawg spins around grabs his ass cheeks and spreads his ass open. Dubbed a Duke, gaining a witch for a slave, praised by the King - whatever the dangers to come, it was still far better treatment from the Gods than Caelia and Chelinde had received: orphaned, unprotected and lusted after by a King who treated his dogs far better than his women.
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