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Description: Huge Musclegod Flexing In The Gym Mirror. I could peer underneath him. I did as I was told. Yes your lordship, we have full sub-light engines, the hyper engines are at about 1/4, it would take us about. Can I sit next to you? I could tell from the look she was giving me. It was that please and the puppy dog eyes she gave me that had me cave in, and I found myself handing over my darkest images put to paper over to her. Arms encircling my neck as she pulls herself up to sit in my lap. The zippers give quick access and the plastic will be easy to wipe off if it gets covered in cum. Now I want you to listen to me and listen without interrupting. I saw Eddie and Jason getting hard ons, and I could hear the men out in the audience murmur appreciatively as they watched this on the TV monitor.