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Description: Alex Blake Pov Blowjob By Jay's Pov. Finally I punched her in the kidneys and she grunted and fell forward lifting her ass off of my face long enough for me to gulp down some fresh pussy scented air. And wanted to tell you that my family had just left to check out next week's locale. Sofa back, her rounded backside lurid and pouting beneath the blue swim panties, her blonde head bowed and, again, absently inspecting her nails, waiting. As I oogled down her chest. She suddenly stopped. She had a fantastic ass and tiny waist with what appeared to be large firm, breasts. I lay back on the bed, watching her finish undressing saying, Honey, have I ever told you what a terrific body you have? Two minutes later Jeff came to tell them that dinner was ready. She closes her eyes and imagines Guierrmo standing behind her slamming his huge cock in and out of her wet pussy.
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