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Description: Outside Picnic Handjob. He nodded over the table to his friend again and suddenly I'm slumping sideways, into the empty space where Muni was. Her answer was she was horny and wanted some loving. Too big, She whimpered when I pushed my bulbous, purple cock head deeper inside her. Sugar looked over and I could sense he was pleased in the knowledge he was bigger. Come, Gregory, what's amiss here? It's about as far as my mental processes have gotten as well. I had a slight boner, but it was definitely due to having to piss so badly. When they left, I could hear them down there, laughing and. I told her it was a refund. It seems like a waste not to savor every drop of the precious fluid I could get. A twirling pattern of interrogation swirled around her neck, a question only he knew she was asking. I remember when I was small hearing him talk. And after that night, my cousin and I would have plenty of more sexual encounters in the weeks and months to come.