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Description: Rough Sloppy Charger Sex #newbie #tight. I folded my hands over my lap, my pussy still so hot and itchy. I woke up the next morning at noon, hung-over as hell, with my cell phone ringing. Ty's body goes rigid and he throws a stool halfway across the room in the throes of his orgasm. I only thrust a few more times before I let loose my load into her. I had almost forgotten what a great shape she had and how firm her lovely breasts were. It seemed as if at any moment they turned almost every woman near him into a raving sex fiend! I sucked our juices off of his shaft and licked and sucked at his shaved balls and inner thighs until they were clean. Not after I had all but challenged the last man to do his worst. Oh my god, oh my god, I can't believe it! He was rushing through what was, perhaps, the best sexual experience of his life, as his hips moved back and forth clumsily, his cock slipping entirely out of his sister's pussy repeatedly as he apologized, repeatedly.
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